How To Eat Plant-Based (Even If It's Part-Time) In 30 Days

Part-Time Plant-Based


Welcome to Part-Time Plant Based! During the next 30 days you will learn what it means to be a plant-based eater,  all the benefits of eating plant-based, and how to start incorporating these easy habits into your life.

How Does This Course Stand Out?

It’s not preachy || It’s not shoving specific lifestyles in your face || It’s not shaming you for how you currently eat || It focuses on zero pressure.

We are humans, not machines. The wellness gurus that preach strict diets and look like they are perfect, are not perfect. Life should be enjoyed and part of enjoying life is indulging. That’s our whole philosophy here at Balanced Babe. I understand that booze makes us happy and more sociable in certain situations. I know that eating a pint of icecream or half of a chocolate cake is needed after a break - up. Indulgent foods are a part of life, but so can being plant-based.

Also an important note - this 30 days to plant-based is going to be FUN. I’m going to joke around, I’m going to show you how easy it is. And most importantely I’m going to show you to not take dieting SOOOOO SERIOUSLY. I’m not that type of wellness gal who is serious and tries to come off as perfect and judgemental - If I’m just going to be giving you straight up information you’ll probably get bored and turn it off. So I’m here to spice it up and grab your attention!

So with that said, if you incorporate these recipes, lifestyle practices, and tips and tricks to eating more and more plant-based. You’ll end up feeling healthier and looking healthier. So let’s get started!!


Food journal: to keep track of any side effects or feelings you have when you’re eating.

  • Record changes like: digestion - how many times a day do you go. Energy levels - when do you feel sleepy throughout the day. Sleep patterns - how many hours of sleep do you get.

  • Take note of how you felt before, during and after your month. This will help you become more aware of your body and how it works.

Kitchen tools: One of the most important things about changing any sort of dietary lifestyle is cooking at home, and in order to make the whole experience as easy as possible, you need the right type of kitchen tools! 

  • High speed blender or food processor to make soups n nuts etc

  • Julienne peeler to make veggie pasta

  • Cutting Board

  • A Knife set you feel comfortable with

  • Mixing bowls

  • Salad bowls


week 1

 An introduction to leading a plant-based lifestyle

Week 2

The Deal With Dairy, And The Lowdown on Macronutrients You Need In Your Diet

week 3

How To Source Protein while eating plant-based, and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) you need to be aware of when going plant-based

week 4

The complete guide to plant-based swaps & how to sustain a plant-focused lifestyle moving forward.