A 2016 Spring Awakening April 1-3 at 

Four Seasons Hotel Chicago


Get Ready to Create Exceptional Change for 2016

Join us for a weekend of renewal and revelation. A weekend that is truly the first of its kind in Chicago. The city's first urban weekend retreat experience. We know how badly you want a weekend to yourself  to feel completely and undeniably connected to YOU. Take a break from the daily hustle and bustle of life and submerge yourself in a weekend of pure holistic bliss. 


Get clear on what's in store for your year. You are finally ready to commit to becoming a healthier, more succesful you. We are here to make this happen. This is not a one-size-fits-all weekend. The BeHealthful Retreat at Four Seasons is designed to meet the customized needs of each guest.


Experience complete relaxation while uncovering how to create your most successful year yet, holistically.   Workshops, consultations and meditation/yoga will give you the mindset and tools needed to jumpstart your way to a Balanced Babe way of living. Cleansing will not be a tough and tiring experience in this program. It will not be work and you won't feel like you are "detoxing".  

A Four Seasons Experience in the Heart of Chicago

What better way to treat yourself to a weekend celebration to a new you than at the renowned Four Seasons Hotel Chicago. Just steps away from the Magnificant Mile and best shopping in the city, you will be tucked into a breathtaking and refined oasis for 2 days with us. 
Four Seasons prides itself on its highly  personalized 24-hour service. Each room has views of either the Lakefront or City skyline, and are elegantly decorated for an exquisite stay. 
Have you always been wanting to visit this gorgeous city? Now is the perfect time and opportunity. Everything here is waiting for you, and we can't wait to meet you!

How Is This Retreat Different? 

We aren't your typical detox retreat where you fast and restrict yourself for a week. This year's BeHealthful Spring Awakening is focused on renewal and all that we can include in our lives. This is the start to your life's revelation.We will focus on the doing, not long lectures explaining why you need to eat or live a certain way. To break it down, here is how we are different from our own past retreats and current retreats:



(Learn more about Sarah Here)


extremely limited capacity












The Weekend:

From the moment you walk in, you will feel at home. 

Imagine a toast at the five star Four Seasons Hotel Chicago to kick off an incredible immersive weekend. Cozy up in your luxurious and plush bed overlooking a breathtaking glistening city, and rest up for a transformative weekend ahead. Wake up with energizing aromatherapy and renew your senses at a morning yoga and meditation class, followed by a nutrient dense gourmet breakfast. 


In a blink of an eye, you're taking notes on how to cleanse your mind, body and soul for this brand new year ahead all while connecting with your inner most desires throughout the weekend's breakthrough workshops and one-on-one coaching. After an afternoon filled with self-care, holistic remedies and an exquisite lunch, you will enjoy some major pampering and mingling.  Before you head out for an energizing Saturday night on the town (or staying in and having a girl's night by the pool), get your hair and makeup done amongst a conglomerate of holistic beauty services in our beauty break room. 


Yea - this is that  type of weekend. The type that leaves you feeling uplifted and supported in a way you've been yearning for. A weekend spent with an extremely close-knit group of fascinating new and old friends. A celebration of a new you to come.


(For Weekend Wellness Immersion Passholders only)

The Welcome Reception

Be greeted with a glass of green juice (or champagne, we won't judge) upon arrival Friday evening. Munch on healthy appetizers and mingle with fellow Balanced Babes and hear what's in store for you throughout the weekend  from the Four Seasons team and Sarah.
Nourish yourself from a cellular level with delectable gourmet and nutrient dense food crafted by Four Seasons' expert culinary team.  Enjoy a plant-based inspired breakfast and lunch both Saturday and Sunday during your stay with us. 

The Food

  • 2 night stay in a luxurious lake view guest room at Four Seasons
  • Use of sauna, steam room, indoor pool and jacuzzi, and 24/7 fitness center 
  • Organic cold pressed juices and healthy snacks stashed away in your rooms each morning, along with a healthy detox box upon arrival
Now lets not forget where you will be getting your beauty rest each night. 

The Amenities

We can't have a BeHealthful Retreat without our spa partners providing treatments and consultations for our guests! Indulge in a extremely intimate beauty break room throughout the day on Saturday in between coaching sessions, workshops and relaxation. Want to indulge even more? Enjoy an exclusive discount on spa services at Four Seasons' luxury spa.

The Beauty Break room

Treatments include...

Hair and makeup

Mini Massage

+ Facials


holistic treatments

Classes, Consultations, and Breakout Workshops

On top of your one-on-one consultations with Sarah to jumpstart your 21 day program, you will have access to multiple classes and breakout workshops throughout the weekend. Full itinerary is coming soon!



How to make natural remedies for all over wellness and beauty

Self-Care Systems

Leave knowing an abundant amount of self-care methods that you can use every day


Interactive nutrient dense cooking classes that you can replicate at home led by a Four Seasons chef

Ayurvedic Techniques

Learn ancient techniques, what your dosha is, and how to cater to your individual constitution

Mindful Detoxing

How to reset your microbiome the safe way  for optimal health

Tools to enhance our mind/body connection

Learn how to be an intuitive eater, and how to utilize methods that connect your mind and body in harmony

Success Strategies

Actionable ways to create game plans and stategies to enrich your life in 2016

Sustainable Wellness Guides

Guests will leave with guides on healthy shopping, cooking hacks, stress buster tips and so much more


Float away into meditative bliss with our lineup of daily yoga, meditation and movement classes throughout the weekend. Class schedule and list of teachers will be available soon!
  • Soren Buchanan - morning yoga sessions
  • Lori Streator - detox meditation
  • Yoga Six
  • The Barre Code


Guests are encouraged to build their own itinerary based on their needs. Spend as much time as you want throughout the weekend simply reflecting and taking time for yourself. With Four Seasons being just  steps away from beautiful Lake Michigan, you can go for an afternoon jog along the lake and view the glorious skyline, or simply snuggle in your luxurious hotel room sipping on tea and meditating.

Mind | Body Benefits

For Your Mind & Soul

Being attuned with our spiritual existence is crucial for embracing a balanced life. 
By inquiring and tapping into our spiritual existence, our mind and heart can be more aligned to help us heal, grow, and prosper. 
During your stay, we will meditate, journal, and discover ways of expressing your soul in it's most authentic way. 
Joining us in pursuing your own spirituality requires no religious affiliation, nor letting go of a faith.

For Your Body

With "detoxing" and "cleanse" being  buzzwords in the wellness world, it can get pretty confusing on which cleanse to choose from. What makes our Spring Awakening so unique is that this is a mind/body cleanse.
This is not a juice fast or a "lose weight quick" detox. This is a weekend celebration to jumpstart a 21 day program that is designed to bring you peace of mind, clarity, confidence, energy and abundance in all arenas of your life.
In addition to the nutrition and wellness workshops, movement classes and food, Sarah will be on site all weekend for 1-on-1 consultations to customize your "cleanse" and will be your rock for those following 21 days as you go through this process.
Sarah is a certified plant-based nutrition and holistic health coach, and the founder of the holistic brand,



Are you ready to unclutter your mind, clear your body of toxins, and ignite your passion to living your best year yet? Truly leave behind the stresses of 2015.
After your 1-on-1 coaching with Sarah throughout the weekend, you will be immersed in a 21 day mind/body cleanse program to ensure that your experience is sustained. This program is included in the retreat package for weekend wellness passholders.
The 21 day mind/body cleanse is not a juice fast or restrictive detox, it's an all over reset to bring forth your most vibrant self. While this program will be accesible from the comfort of your home, you will still have constant support from Sarah after the weekend's retreat. 

Kick-Start a COMPLIMENTARY 21 day Mind Body Detox With an Exclusive Group

The 21 day Balanced Babe Reset will include:
  • 21 day recipe plan and meal planning software
  • 21 day supplement and powerfood plan
  • Calendar, downloadable guide, and Balanced Babe planner
  • Nutrition and holistic health practices to cleanse and detoxify our bodies safely and effectively
  • Personal growth and spiritual modules to help detoxify and reset our mindset and our views of our lives
  • 2 Skype coaching sessions with Sarah to support and customize your plan even further
If you want to learn more about the 21 day plan that is included in your BeHealthful Retreat package, please feel free to contact us here.

ready to join us?

The BeHealthful Retreat weekend immersion passes Include:
  • 2 night stay at Four Seasons Hotel Chicago (valued at $495/night)
  • Gourmet Breakfast and Lunch provided Saturday & Sunday crafted by Four Seasons' chefs
  • Detox box filled with products to support your retreat experience
  • Access to all workshops and lectures
  • Access to all yoga and movement classes
  • Extended access to the beauty break room
  • Use of pool, sauna, steam room and fitness facilities
  • Access to Chicago's premier health and wellness experts 
  • Exclusive discount on Spa services throughout the weekend 
  • 1-on-1 coaching with Sarah
  • 21 day mind/body cleanse program

The Value

Pricing (includes tax)
Single Occupancy: $1,250
Double Occupancy:  $906.00/person
Triple Occupancy:  $792.00/person
Saturday Day Pass: $200
Two Day Pass: $500
Please download the booking sheet above and  send it to us at: so that we can reserve your spot.  We can't wait for you to join us!
Ammenity Partners:
  • Balanced Babe Botanicals
  • PINES Wheatgrass
  • The Paleo Cookie
  • Lemonesse LEmon Water
  • Doterra Essential Oils
  • Sprout Living
  • Smooth 8 Alkalizing Drops
  • VIP Card From Lululemon

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