Join us for a day of yoga, homeopathic workshops, meditation, Ayurvedic principles, self-discovery and more.


  •  Yoga and meditation sessions

  • Acces to all master classes & breakout sessions from 11am onwards *Saturday's itinerary is below.

  • Gourmet nutrient dense lunch hand crafted by Four Seasons expert culinary team.

  • Access to the Beauty Break Room from 1pm-4pm 




Guests will gain knowledge on how to live a truely enlivened and balanced lifestyle with workshops and classes covering every aspect of healthy living.


Takeaways include:

- Methods for eating intuitively

- Strategies for setting and reaching sustainable intentions

- DIY Homeopathic wellness and beauty remedies that you can bring home with you

- Understanding Ayurvedic principles for optimal wellness, discovering what your dosha is, and how to care for your constitution

- Mini beauty & Spa treatments from our Beauty Break Room

- Strategies and guides to help you sustain a nutrient dense meal plan, self-care ritual, and wellness mindset.






                                                                              (classes and itinerary is subject to change)


  • 11am invigorating morning yoga

  • 12pm lunch & announcements | connection

  • 1pm-5pm beauty break room is open

  • 1:15pm Masterclass - Developing Your Success Mindset: This masterclass focuses on setting intentions, gracefully mangaing transition, and actionable tools for roadmapping your successful year ahead.

  • 2:15pm Breakout Workshop: Homeopathic remedies with seasonable herbs and plants or Detox Meditaion

  • 3:15pm Beauty Break Room Hang out or Plant Based Cooking Class

  • 4:15pm Masterclass - Discovering Your Dosha, and How to Cleanse Based on Your Individual Ayurvedic Constitution: Learn how to care for your Ayurvedic constitution, and gain the knowledge and tools for sustaining your new found wellness plan for good!

  • 5:15pm:  Masterclass - Essential Oils + Herbal for Spring time cleansing: Learn how to make custom essential oil blends to nourish your mind body and spirit.

  • 6pm-8pm 1-on-1 consultations with Baker