You Did It!!

You've completed the 30 days to part-time plant-based course


You did it! You've completed the course and you have all of the handy dandy tools to succeed with adapting a plant-based eating regimen. 

A Recap of All You've Learned! 

Let's break down all the cool things we've discussed and discovered throughout the course, shall we?! 

All that the term "plant-based encompasses"

  • A broken down definition of plant-based and what food groups fall into this category.

  • The difference between plant-based and vegan.

  • How to start making small changes and sneaking plant-based ingredients into your diet

  • External and internal benefits of incorporating a plant-based diet into your life

Macronutrients & The Dairy Dilemma

  • Why macronutrients play a key role in maintaining a healthy diet.

  • The importance of complex and low glycemic carbohydrates, plant-based sources, and how to incorporate them into your day. 

  • Where to sourece healthy fats, and the difference between healthy and unhealthy fats.

  • Why many of us have dairy sensitivities, and how to source plant-based substitutes for dairy.

Essential Micronutrients (Vitamins and Minerals) & Plant-Based Proteins

  • A breakdown of what protein really is and why the focus should be on amino acids.

  • How to calculate exactly how much protein you need daily. 

  • The difference between animal proteins and plant-based proteins.

  • Key vitamins and minerals that you need to be aware of and make sure that you include when eating primarily plant-based. 

Swaps & Sustaining it All

  • How you can actually still eat your favorite meals by focusing on "swaps".

  • What to use while baking and cooking your favorite desserts to make them healthier.

  • How to maintain and sustain your plant-based diet after the first 30 days, even if it's only part-time. 

  • Additional learning opportunities and resources to help you along the way!

What's Next?

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