About Sarah Baker

Hi I’m Sarah! I'm the founder of Balanced Babe media, partner at Hamsa Ayurveda in Chicago, creator of the multi-sensory experience & self-care kit: Sense Sanctuary,  TV Host, and wellness entrepreneur.

I'm a certified integrative nutrition and health consultant, holistic postpartum doula, and sound bath meditation facilitator.


My mission is to bring balance to your being by creating lasting vibrant harmony between your mental and physical self through my specific holistic modalities that are focused on taste, touch, sound, sight and smell.


The world is now filled with a “hustle” mentality, you feel pressured to do everything, be everywhere, all while nailing it with the perfectionist hammer. This is your space to obtain all the tools you need to create an environment for yourself that will heal, nurture, rejuvenate, and revive your body and soul.

My focus on healing through the senses is your secret weapon to living your best life, and when you can learn how to utilize this secret weapon, massive positive change will appear all around you. 

You can learn about various ways to heal through the five senses by perusing all of our articles on our media platform, BalancedBabe.com, by immersing yourself in my signature course, Sense Sanctuary (TM), or by focusing on your sense of taste by learning all the ins and outs of vibrant healthy eating through my program bundle: Meal Prepping for Intuitive Eaters & Part-Time Plantbased.


Since become a mom in 2018, I've also started to focus on education catered to new moms and moms to be through our soon to launch new community, The Balanced Bump!


When I'm not working on our programs and offerings, You can find me on various morning shows throughout the city of Chicago such as Windy City Live, Good Day Chicago Fox, WGN Living Healthy TV and more!

Certified holistic nutrition & health consultant. 

TV & Media personality. Founder of BalancedBabe.com. 


Going through life feeling unfulfilled with a long time career path, I took it upon myself to embrace a new purpose and business with tenacity and drive. This lead me to create Balanced Babe and my holistic health/ nutrition career. I started modeling at the age of 11. Living every little girls dream of playing dress up and posing for photos all day. Unfortunately, this feeling of euphoria did not last long.


At times, photographers told me I had a fat face, and an agency even  told me that I needed to do pilates to slim down my thighs, all before the age of 13. Still, I carried on and landed contracts with agencies in international markets - I was still achieving my dream even though I was criticized for how I looked. After modeling for a good decade, I felt like I had to go to extremes to lose weight, and I did. I smoked a pack of marlbaro reds a day, measured myself daily, and obsessed severly over what I ate (and sometimes I wouldn't nourishing foods at all). I became so obsessed with being "skinny enough and pretty enough" that even eating a piece of cheese sent me into a downward negative spiral for a whole day. While living in Istanbul, Turkey for three months on a modeling contract, I woke up one morning and said to myself, 'screw this!' I was yearning for a purpose in life to help women by promoting a healthy body image, not by being a photoshopped weight loss goal.


My world and mindset started changing while working in Istanbul. One day I was sitting in a room at a casting call with many other young models from all over the world. When I looked around and became aware of my surroundings, I saw a room full of negativity and unhappiness.


Almost every girl was smoking.


Every girl was sharing with each other what they were (or weren’t) eating that day.


Every girl was viewing each other as a threat and competition.


There was no compassion, no positivity, and no love in this room.


And I realized at that moment that I have not been positive, compassionate, and loving to myself throughout this career path I chose.


Since that moment, I quit smoking, changed my education path, and decided to create a loving and accepting Balanced Babe lifestyle for myself, and others.


Feeling out of control of my own destiny is what pushed me into action. Since experiencing my own awakening, I've made it my mission to help other women take the lead and accomplish their life goals and dreams.


What I experienced and learned throughout my journey of becoming a Balanced Babe created massive positive shifts in my life. If I can quit smoking a pack a day, quit obsessing over the foods I eat and allowing others how to dictate what MY body should look like, then you can too.


Since my transformation, I built the Balanced Babe brand: a multi-media site and community dedicated to promoting a holistic lifestyle for the modern woman. I also dedicate my time and passions to helping fellow holistic entrepreneurs launch and grow their business.


After realizing the need for a more connected wellness community, I also created and produced from the ground up, the BeHealthful Retreat: a unique wellness conference series that celebrates and promotes local and national businesses within the holistic health industry. Bringing in over 450 attendees in the first year, and over 600 at the 2nd year installment, I know what it takes to build a brand, a marketing plan, a strategy and a game plan from a single idea.


Through my brand, services, and retreat series, I am dedicating my life to helping clients and readers become motivated, educated and challenged to plunge into their own holistic journey


I relate to those who feel stuck in in their path and in some way, hopeless, because I've also been there. I know what it's like to have insecurities, to not treat yourself with love and care, to feel like you don't have power over your future, and to feel like your career path does not align with your life's purpose. Because I know what being stuck is like, I know how to get up, go, and make change.


Together, we will take on the adventure of embracing and welcoming the Balanced Babe lifestyle.


I would love to connect with you. I always reply to comments and questions on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Have a business inquiry? You can holler at me here.


Professional Bio:

Sarah Baker is a certified holistic nutrition and health consultant of 6 years, motivational speaker, certified business consultant, and founder of Balanced Babe media. Sarah spends most of her time as a media and TV personality advocating an approachable and fun holistic lifestyle through morning shows such as ABC's Windy City Live, WCIU You & Me This Morning, Good Day Chicago, WGN News. She can also be found  in publications such as Glossed & Found, Purewow, Redeye Chicago,  Refinery 29, Mind Body Green, Sun Times Splash, Revia  Magazine, and a plethora of lifestyle blogs.